Whilst we are capable of undertaking research in any sector, we have extensive experience and contacts in the following:
Agriculture / horticulture Energy / lubricants
Automotive after care Food – fresh / perishables
Catering Food – processed
Charities Marketing services
Construction / building products Packaging
Consumer electronics / E-commerce  

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Food - Processed:
Some of the studies we have undertaken in this sector include:
Market Opportunities For Aromatic Rice in European, United States, Middle and Far Eastern Markets
Discussed volumes traded, pricing and quality standards of key supplier countries. For each end user market - segmentation of demand by type of rice, import duties and quality standards, key players, marketing support and new product developments as well as SWOT analysis for client representing a country seeking to gain greater market share.
The Market For Processed Meat Products In Selected European Countries
A study examining the capacities, packaging techniques and distribution chain relating to pre-packed chilled meat products in France, Germany and UK. This involved discussions with production managers and packaging technologists as well as retailer buyers.
Acquisition Prospects in the UK Ice Cream Industry
The study was undertaken for a US based company launching a take-over bid for a major UK ice cream manufacturer. The research involved interviews with management at key competitor companies as well as the target company to be acquired plus industry commentators. Various aspects of the acquisition target were covered by the research including market reputation, innovativeness, management style, production facilities.
Sweet and Salty Snacks in the UK
This was an in-depth study of the UK market for sweet and salty snacks. Product sectors covered included crisps, savoury snacks such as Quavers and Pringles, baked products such as Mini Cheddars, Twiglets and pretzels, nuts, confectionery countlines such as Mars Bars, chocolate biscuit countlines e.g. Penguin. Cereal bars such as the Kelloggs and Jordans’ ranges as well as snack cakes such as cake bars and cake bites were also included.

Amongst issues and information provided:


Strategic issues and market dynamics
Salty and sweet snacks – separate sections

Each sector also contained information on market size, supplier dynamics, manufacturer and brand shares by sector and specific segments

Advertising and promotion – levels of support, strategies and campaigns
Distribution issues – the retail scene, trends in outlet and individual retailer shares by product segment, the premium pricing issue
Future prospects
The research was based on in-depth telephone interviews with marketing and category manager personnel at major food manufacturers and retailers. This was supplemented by extensive desk research consulting the trade press and other industry contacts. Research was also carried out amongst 1,000 adults asking them a range of questions about their buying habits and attitudes regarding snacking and snacking products.
The German Pet Foods Market
An analysis of trends and developments in the German pet food market, based on interviews with manufacturers – both mainstream and niche players as well as with trade associations and the trade press. The report comprised sections dealing with:
Market background
Market overview and dynamics
Dog food and cat food sections – sector sizes, segmentation by dog / cat food type – moist, dry, biscuits & others, mixers and semi-moist (for cat food – moist, dry and treats). For each dog / cat food type – data and discussion were provided on further segmentation – e.g. by quality and recipe type as well as manufacturer and brand shares. Information on new product developments
Suppliers – more in-depth analysis with separate company profiles and discussion of trends in retailer own labels and niche suppliers
Pet food retailing issues, pet shop sales mix, leading pet food / product franchise groups and chains
Advertising and promotional support
Future developments and forecasts
Pre-Testing Poster Advertisement For An Orally-Administered Dog Wormer
Two alternative versions of a wall poster advertising a company’s dog wormer were tested amongst a representative sample of 70 dog owners in two locations in the UK to discover their reactions to seeing each whilst in a vet’s waiting room. The fact that the poster was to have been seen in the waiting room was a key consideration in determining the final version of the poster. This is because such an environment means pet owners are exposed to the posters for longer, as they can wait 10-15 minutes to be seen by their vet.

Two versions of a potential poster were tested by shown to each dog owner. The posters were at one point shown on a mock up notice board, typical of that which would appear at a vet’s waiting room. Respondents were asked by means of a face-to-face structured questionnaire to comment on various aspects of each poster. The findings resulted in a final version being designed – combining the best elements of the two test versions.

Markets For Use of Fats In the German Food Industry
This study was undertaken for a major supplier of oils and fats to the European food industry. They wanted to assess the usage of fats by type amongst German manufacturers operating in the chocolate confectionery, sweet biscuit, ice cream, cake, chocolate spread and baking mix sector. The company were particularly interested in the extent to which these food manufacturers were using speciality fats such as cocoa butter equivalents, cocoa butter substitutes and cocoa butter replacers. Specific aspects dealt with by the study therefore included:
Quantification and discussion of trends in each of the specified food sectors, with implications for fats usage
Identifying / assessing retail pressures and trends influencing the preferences of ingredients buyers for different fats used in each product sub-category
Detailed food manufacturer profiles – production output by product type and plant, fats usage by raw material type e.g. coconut, palm oils and processing type e.g. hydrogenation, fractionation, whether they are purchased from fats suppliers separately or already-mixed and fats suppliers used
Calculation of market usage for fats by type and process, based on feedback from trade respondents
The research was based on telephone and face-to-face interviews with ingredients buyers at a large proportion of the major food manufacturing companies (over 50). This was supplemented by interviews with marketing and production personnel for statistics relating to production, sales and brand shares by product type. Contact was also made with trade associations and journals representing product sectors covered by the research.
Yoghurts and Dairy Desserts in the UK
Market investigation of the size, trends and structure of the UK yoghurt and dairy desserts sector. The research was based on-depth trade interviews with suppliers and retailer category managers. This was further supplemented by scanning the trade press. Sections of the report included:
Executive summary
Overview – trends and dynamics by sector yoghurt – very low fat, luxury, low fat / traditional, bio, plain / natural, children’s, set, long life; drinking yoghurt as well as fromage frais and other dairy desserts – trifles, mousses, rice puddings, fools, cheesecakes, supremes, others
Separate product sections on each type of yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, fromage frais, other dairy desserts. Each was further sub-divided. Discussion and statistics on pack formats as well as manufacturers and brands, advertising, new product launches
Company profiles – Muller UK, St.Ivel (Unigate), Eden vale (Northern Foods), Nestle, Yoplait Dairy Crest, Danone UK
Retailing and distribution – sales by outlet type
The future

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Marketing Services:
A selection of some of the studies we have undertaken in this sector include:
The European Design Consultancy Market
This study provided an overview of the design consultancy market in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. Interviews were undertaken with design consultancies of varying sizes and discussions held with the relevant industry trade bodies in each country to try and provide a coherent report of what is a very fragmented and under-researched sector.

Market size, segmentation e.g. in terms of the relative sizes of interior, product, corporate and graphic design measured in fee income, range of services provided, industry structure, key users, profiles of the various players, government and other backing were amongst the aspects covered in this study.

Assessment of Trends and Opportunities in the UK Sales Promotion Industry
A leading foreign-based advertising agency was considering increased involvement in the UK sales promotions sector. Extensive research was therefore undertaken to provide an overview of this sector. Face-to-face interviews were undertaken with a number of the top thirty sales promotion agencies in the UK, asking their opinions of key trend within the sector, details relating to their own business and their turnover split by type of client and sales promotion tool. This was supplemented with interviews with key trade associations linked with sales promotion and other types of below-the-line promotional activities and scanning of the marketing and advertising industry press.

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A selection of some of the studies we have undertaken in this sector include:
Customer Satisfaction Study Amongst a European Packaging Company’s Food and Drink Company Clients
The research provided detailed results, amongst which included verbatim comments of respondent companies (unattributed), identifying strengths to promote and weaknesses to overcome in order for the client to fulfil its objective of becoming a truly pan-European packaging supplier. Specific opportunities and threats were also identified. These results were based on a programme of face-to-face interviews (lasting between 1-2 hours) with senior decision-makers such as packaging specifiers and negotiators) at 30 headquarters of major food and drink companies in Europe and one in the USA.
Developments in European Beer and Beer Packaging
A packaging design consultancy required research to investigate trends in niche beer products in France, Germany and UK. They were particularly interested in the main thrust of new product concepts – their target audiences and the image they were seeking to convey. Research included a scan of new product launches, discussions with some of the suppliers and an overview of the types of packaging used for these products.
Trends In European Plastics Packaging
A German converter of rigid plastics containers required an overview of developments in plastics packaging across Europe. Separate sections of the report dealt with rigid plastic packaging such as bottles and trays, flexible packaging as well as high performance barrier packaging. The impact of food processing technologies, expectations of high barrier performance as well as integration of production and packaging facilities were amongst several issues discussed in this report. The report was based on the knowledge acquired from undertaking a number of related studies, and supplemented by fresh discussions with packaging converters, machinery suppliers and packaging end-users.
Other areas of packaging industry research experience
One of our researchers has extensive previous experience of undertaking research quantifying and discussing packaging usage by end-user companies. Experience extends to other pack types such as flexible packaging, corrugated and other fibre-based packaging as well as metal packaging, foil trays, bag-in-box.

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