Whilst we are capable of undertaking research in any sector, we have extensive experience and contacts in the following:
Agriculture / horticulture Energy / lubricants
Automotive after care Food – fresh / perishables
Catering Food – processed
Charities Marketing services
Construction / building products Packaging 
Consumer electronics / E-commerce

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Consumer Electronics / E-commerce:
Some of the studies we have undertaken in this sector include:
Profiles Of Major Internet Service Providers In France, Germany and UK
An electrical components supplier required details relating to internet service providers across Europe. They were particularly interested in identifying specifiers of certain types of components and their locations. In some cases this would be at the world headquarters in the USA and on other occasions at regional level. Other questions regarding requirements and purchasing procedure were also included in the research, which involved around 70 structured telephone interviews.
Trade Views of Trends and Suppliers in the UK Fax Machine and Word Processor Markets
A business machine manufacturer was keen to ascertain the views and commitment of the trade regarding fax machines and word processors. A programme of 50 semi-structured telephone interviews was therefore undertaken amongst vendors of business equipment. These included independent dealers, electrical retailer chains – both at outlet and head office level, distributors, office equipment superstores, independent office equipment retailers and mail order companies.

Some of the issues covered focussed on the extent of customer knowledge, expectations in terms of features, structure of purchases by fax machine type in different types of outlet, perceived trends in the market, attitudes towards manufacturers by fax machine / WP type as well as ratings for client company versus other brands regarding various aspects of performance. Perceptions, habits, requirements and extent of knowledge were discussed for certain customer groups such as students, the SOHO (small office home office) sector, other businesses and domestic usage.

The UK Market For Fire and Intruder Detection Equipment
A comprehensive overview was undertaken on the size, structure and dynamics of the UK fire and intruder / security equipment market for a French supplier of electrical components keen to increase its foothold in this UK sector by providing integrated control systems combining different fire and security functions.

The research involved in-depth interviews with a large proportion of the key players, both face-to-face and telephone, to gain detailed profiles of each major supplier – in terms of sales by product type and customer type as well as other information such as distribution channels used. Electrical wholesalers and other distributors were also interviewed. The final report comprised detailed profiles of around 30 major players as well as an overview of the market by equipment type and latest developments.

Image, Awareness and Usage Study of Electronic Consumer Durables Manufacturer and Competitors
This project looked at the image and reputation of a well-known Japanese consumer electronics brand amongst both final consumers and the electronic appliance trade in the UK. The research comprised of:
A structured telephone interview with 4,000 household consumers, asking about ownership and purchases of different types of consumer durables by brand, and questions relating to satisfaction and reputation.
Telephone interviews with 400 business customers.
In-depth telephone interviews with retailers to ascertain opinions regarding aspects such as the quality, range and image by product group and extent of promotional support for each of the major competing brands.
The overall findings gave a comprehensive overview of the state of the brand in the UK market for an advertising agency pitching for the company’s business.
Investigation into Headquarters of Major Japanese Companies in Europe
A major advertising agency required details on the size, nature and functions / powers of the European headquarters of nine major Japanese companies. The project involved consultations with the specified companies, in order to obtain detailed information on each, amongst which included names of key personnel.

Other Projects: 

Car Buying Over the Internet
Prospects for an Interactive Financial Training Service Amongst Certain Professions
Prospects for Selling Furniture On-line

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