The trade research undertaken by Lozowick Market Research in various sectors broadly covers the main types of studies:

Market opportunity studies 

Feasibility studies and new initiative testing

Market measurement and structure

Attitude, usage and requirement surveys – among industrial users and trade intermediaries

Identification and monitoring of customer needs and habits

Customer satisfaction – studies comparing customers’ needs and expectations with supplier performance

Image studies – comparison of perceived corporate, service and product strengths and weaknesses compared with competitors

Trade promotion effectiveness studies  

Acquisition studies and competitor profile research
These projects will involve one or more of the following research methods:
Desk research Group discussions
Telephone interviews Mystery shopping
Face-to-face interviews Postal surveys
Hall tests and street interviews with household customers
Specific stages of a project typically involve one or more of the following elements:
Identifying client research requirements Respondent recruitment
Proposal writing and research design Interviewing
Desk research Survey analysis
Questionnaire and sample design Report writing and presenting of results

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Market opportunity studies:
These studies provide a better understanding of the dynamics, size, structure and buying preferences of a particular product or service sector by providing information on aspects such as:

Current and potential market demand

Supply and demand factors influencing market trends and rates of growth
What existing suppliers are doing to exploit and / or counter trends
Extent of market maturity and sophistication
Rate of new product development and scope for added value
Relative strengths and weaknesses of domestic versus other individual sources of foreign supply
Tendering process and supplier selection criteria, ordering and buying procedures
Best ways of presenting product / service offer 
Labelling, packaging and import requirements, industry standards and legislation
Distribution channels and final sales outlets, sales mix and requirements by outlet type
Prices and mark up at each stage of the distribution chain
Profiles of key suppliers, intermediary and retailers
Branding and the extent to which this an issue
Promotions, incentives, advertising and general marketing support
Trade and final customer openness to new concepts
Assessing future prospects – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
These studies typically combine desk research and trade interviews:


Desk research – this stage comprises a thorough search of information sources such as existing Lozowick Market Research contacts built up in the sector, specialist data bases and libraries, trade associations, government statistics / departments, international organisations and other reports.
This stage yields useful information in its own right, but also enhances the quality of information at the subsequent trade interview stage.
Interviews are undertaken with personnel from organisations at various stages of the production and distribution chain – either face-to-face and / or telephone. The interviews themselves normally follow of a semi-structured questionnaire – in other words one combining pre-set questions as well as allowing respondents ample opportunity to comment on issues in their own way and offer their own thoughts.

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Acquisition Studies:
Companies acquiring or investing in another business often value hard facts from an objective outside source. This type of research aims to add to the existing knowledge, check the assumptions and perceptions of the acquiring company, and strengthen their hand in obtaining financial backing. Amongst aspects of the potential acquisition target company covered (outside of financial statements) are:
Marketplace performance and comparison with competitors
Changes in company structure – acquisitions and disposals, extent of foscuss on key business areas and skills
Management style, calibre and relations with workforce
Condition of plant and capital equipment
Products – quality, product mix and range
Distribution, sales and marketing capabilities
Relationships with other stakeholders such as suppliers and key trade customers
Reputation in the market place – innovator or follower
Notable success and failures – reasons
Consumer base – extent of concentration, continuity of business
This research requires skill due to the sensitive nature of many acquisitions and some of the respondent types who may be consulted, which will include:
Staff of the potential acquisition target company – managers, researchers and staff
This will be backed up by extensive desk research, consulting various sources. The core of the research findings however, will rest upon the interviews.

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Trade Promotion Effectiveness Studies:
The underlying aim of this type of research is to establish the effectiveness of a particular organisation’s trade promotions and above-the-line advertising (e.g. on television, radio and the printed media) amongst trade customers such as retailers, wholesalers, other buying groups and brokers. 

Amongst specific aspects covered by Lozowick Market Research in these studies are:

Types of promotions preferred and used by trade
Changes in promotional strategies and tools used and reasons
Extent to which different suppliers satisfy promotion preferences
General impression of supplier approach to trade customers
Awareness of specific promotions – reasons for their success or failure
Attitudes and perceptions of specific trade promotions / above-the-line advertising 

Perceived success (amongst trade) of trade promotions and other marketing initiatives amongst the trade in terms of specific criteria 

Improvements sought in trade promotions

The research relies on in-depth interviews with key decision-makers such as product buyers, sales and marketing personnel using a semi-structured questionnaire.

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