Whilst most of the studies undertaken by Lozowick Market Research are for specific clients, we also publish multi-client reports available to anyone interested in the particular sectors covered. 

These reports tend to be detailed and based upon:

Extensive trade interviews

Consultation with other trade experts and contacts identified and built up by Lozowick Market Research (e.g. trade bodies, academic institutions, journalists, specialist libraries)

Multi-client reports currently available include: 
The UK Vegetable and Salads Report 1998
UK and European Fish Markets 2001
Due for publication:
European Vegetable and Salads Markets 2001
European Surimi Markets 2001

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The report is based on 97 interviews with key trade contacts - many of who were contacted on several occasions. Interviews were carried out by highly experienced researchers skilled in eliciting detailed accurate information from decision makers. This was supplemented by a thorough trawl of the trade press and government statistics.

Other off-the-shelf reports on the sector tend to be very general, relying on sources such as the National Food Survey. Establishing an accurate picture of sales for individual types of fresh vegetables as has been achieved in this report, is harder to ascertain than processed food sectors where supply is more concentrated in the hands of a few major suppliers / brands. The painstaking efforts taken in establishing contacts with a large number of the key retailer buyers and others has resulted in the most detailed and authoritative off-the-shelf report on the UK vegetables market and at an affordable price, containing analysis and statistics on:

Market dynamics, including socio-economic, market issues as well as retailing developments affecting the sector
Overall market trends - comparing and contrasting the relative performance of different parts of this diverse sector
Separate product sections covering the period 1992 - 1997, containing information on: Retail market size trends and developments - further segmented by product type / format, supply - production and foreign trade, supplier profiles, brand shares, consumer behaviour / characteristics, advertising and promotion, distribution channels - outlets (e.g. catering, food processing, retail household), retail sales by outlet type, individual retailer shares
Detailed statistical appendices on food sectors using vegetables as a food ingredient
174 pages 167 tables
 Over 140 products 97 trade interviews

Product coverage includes (number of sub segments quantified in report are in brackets):

Fresh Vegetables Salads Frozen chips, potato products, other vegetables Canned Vegetables
Potatoes (3) Tomatoes (7) Chips (4) Tomatoes (6)
Root veg (4) Whole lettuce (13) Potato specialities (16) Sweetcorn (1)
Brassicas (5) Peppers (7) Natural veg (11) Other veg (12)
Onions (5) Fresh prepared salads and veg (4) Peas (2)

Prepared veg (3)

Pickled vegetables
Mushrooms (3)      
Niche veg (7)      
Sweetcorn (1)      
Herbs (8)      
Price and ordering
The report costs 350. The report can be purchased by completing the order form.

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Following the success of The UK Fish Report 2000, a new report has just been published by Lozowick Market Research. 

The detailed analysis of the UK fish market has been updated to include data for the year 2000 and contains extended discussion of various issues and developments. The new report also contains detailed profiles of the other main European consumer fish markets France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal.  

Based on extensive interviews with producers, processors, retailers as well as key trade contacts, the report will provide a useful reference document for anyone with an interest in the fish and fish products industry.

The report contains 202 pages and 192 tables.

Price and ordering
The report costs 360. The report can be purchased by completing the order form.

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